My interest in the custom installation industry was an outgrowth of my life as a musician. I took up photography and lighting design at about the same time and the skill of ‘seeing’ light is common to both. Anticipating the effects of light, learning how the human eye interprets colour, form and dynamic range, are universal. Writing articles about my disciplines is my way of evangelizing those things that I find so important, and often under appreciated. From a selfish perspective writing an article of only a few thousand words on a broad topic forces me to distill my thoughts to their most essential elements.

I am an obsessive student and I’m always experimenting with different techniques and reading everything I can get my hands on. This is an essential element of being a good designer. In an industry that is constantly evolving. An industry that is in a constant state of dynamic evolution you need to be up on the latest developments.

All the technology in the world is useless if the homeowner doesn’t know how to use it! As much as I love the geek aspect of what I do I’m very conscious of how foreign these technologies are for most people. I’m very proud of my ability to take these technical subjects and explain them in why that is approachable. When the final product is installed and programmed I fully expect the homeowners to be able to use my systems without instruction. No need to read the manual, no need for pages of ‘cheat sheets’.