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Technology is changing faster and faster everyday. Staying abreast of all the latest techniques and products of the entire construction trade is more than any one person, or company, can handle. By specializing in what I do best I can stay at the top of my field. I work as an extension of your company so you can offer your clients options that you may not otherwise be able to provide.

Working for the contracting company, instead of the homeowner, means that I can work within the practical requirements of the job, balancing homeowner needs with project deadlines and budgets effectively without hindering what you really want - a completed project.

After you contact me we work out a system that fits your company's and project's unique needs. Whither that means working as an anonymous extension of your company or as the 'expert from afar' you chose how I interact with the client and what kind of services I provide.

Engineering easy to use systems that your clients will tell all of their friends about is my top priority. Lighting control is the single most used feature in a home yet most homes still rely on a light switch that has been essentially unchanged for a hundred years.

I work with Lutron's family of products to engineer a system that meets your client's needs and budget. This technology fits seemlessly into their home and is so simple grandma can use it. Whether it is a full home controlled by a Homeworks processor or simply a couple of rooms using the retrofit friendly RadioRA system. Using Lutron automated shades helps keep the home cool and minimizes UV destruction of the furnishings.

Using my years of experience I can help you educate the client, design a system to meet their needs, work with your installers to install the equipment and program the final product when it comes time to move in. If you have personnel on staff that can provide some of those services that's great, just let me know how I can help.

For a great home to be fully appreciated it has to look great at night too. By using a systematic approach to adding layers of light in the home I can create a system that works for any space. The lighting plan that most architects provide is usually just good enough to pass code and not much more. By adding a few more zones of light, specifying more low voltage fixtures and leveraging the architectural details in the home, we can provide a system that really brings the home to life.

Unlike many lighting designers who seem to relish using obscure, hard to source parts, I provide systems that are dramatic yet simple and affordable. By using big name brands like Juno, Lightolier, Philips and Cooper I help keep your system on time and in budget.

From flat panel displays to digital surround people love their AV toys. I grew up in the AV business and have been engineering systems that are both sexy yet easy to use. By designing systems that the entire family enjoys I can make a media room - or whole home audio system - the jewel of the home.

By balancing the aesthetics, budgetary and performance needs we can work together to build a system that works for everyone.

Regardless of how great a system looks or sounds if the homeowner can't use it then the system is garbage. By using a combination of touch screens, handheld remotes, power sensors and simple home automation techniques making a system fun to use is a piece of cake.

Communicating the design effectively to all of the stakeholders is essential for an effective design. By using a suite of software as well as onsite meetings I can communicate all facets of the design to your team. Whether you just need a quick overview or a fully detailed set of drawings I can provide it.